Our goal is to revamp and stabilize our communities. We strive to unify individuals of African descent. We propose to spread education and awareness of the atrocities we face on a daily basis. In doing so, improve the face of urban communities via education, economics, safety, unity, physical and mental health. We will completely transform the educational system and prepare those interested for higher educational opportunities. We will dedicate our time and efforts towards helping to employ the community with careers/jobs and feasible incomes. It is imperative that we reinstate order in our streets. Our mission is to make our communities safe and family-friendly. We will promote physical and mental health awareness and work towards getting health coverage for collective unit and reestablish a sense of pride, unity, self-actualization, and individual/community accountability. We are willing to sacrifice any and everything to obtain our freedom, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Come out for a day of Family Fun, entertainment, and Holistic Health Awareness. This event is brought to you by LIFT (Life Improvement for Tomorrow) and the East Orange Department of Recreations! See ya there:-)

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